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RK TOUR AND TRAVELS, the best immigration consultants in India, offers a full scale of visa services (India) for individuals who wish to migrate from one country to another. We guide in Skilled Immigration, Student Visas, Visit Visas and Work Permits. We have nearly a decade of solid global presence and have hand in over 10K successful visa approvals.

While we provide Student Visa, visit visa services & work permits to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland, Maldives, Singapore, Europe and Cambodia. So let us know your dream country to live, work, and settle in.

Job/Work Visa

Work visas are permits that allow individuals to travel to another country to work there.
In most cases, a work visa or permit is mandatory to accept employment in a foreign state. There are some exceptions, such as in blocs of countries with a policy of freedom of movement (like the EU).
Work visas are usually temporary, but may be renewed. Some countries issue permanent work permits or allow holders to change to a residence visa after a certain period of time.
Various countries have a different system in which foreign nationals must first apply for a long-stay visa and then obtain a work permit once they arrive in the country.


Student Visa

A student visa is a legal immigration document issued to students by another country that allows them to study for a certain period of time. Student visas are commonly used by students at colleges, universities, and specialty institutions. Prospective students are generally required to apply for and obtain a student visa before they start school in the host country. These visas are considered non-immigrant visas, which means holders must abide by certain rules to retain their status and stay in the country. Being granted a student visa doesn’t necessarily grant individuals the same rights and privileges as citizens, such as voting.

Tourist & Visitor Visa

A tourist visa is the most common type of travel permit. Passengers visiting another country often need a tourist visa to enter.
Many countries issue different visas for different purposes and some issue visas exclusively for tourism.
Others have visas that permit tourism as well as other activities.
Any of these types of visa can be considered a tourist visa.
It is worth noting that there are also other types of travel authorization that permit tourism, but these are not necessarily the same as a visa.


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